Success…… Vision or Delusion?

“When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you’ve got plenty to watch, be it vision or delusion.”



 Success is such an empowering word. We think of it and we think of…. Happiness….Self esteem….Superiority…..  facets which enthuse, inspire, pump the adrenalin. Success seems to be   what we live for. What our parents and teachers always exhorted us to do. Scholastically, materialistically, competitively. Success brings forth visions of wealth, power, intelligence and with these the ability to control the outcome of events. All those external trappings. What the world judges us by.

But as I think of success, I also see within it the other paradigm. Of increased self awareness and self development. Of a positive intention and an alignment with a higher purpose. Of that mysterious inner process which ensures personal integrity and a commitment to values. The aspect of success as exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi when he said, “I must first be the change that I want to see in the world.” Success thus gets linked, not to the external world, but to an inner compass, an inside out initiative.

Which brings me to Vision and Delusion, those two aspects of our mind. We are conditioned to see these as the Good and the Bad on the same spectrum. We see great positivity in Vision but perceive delusion as something to be shed. So as vision becomes that which drives, delusion is that which keeps us lazy. Vision has logic and reasoning supporting it while delusion is immersed in randomness. If we go by this perception, we tend to associate Success with vision and not with delusion. But is this association valid?

 My daughter has this linkage to success. She needs to wear an old watch with a jaded pink band whenever she is writing examinations. She remains convinced that wearing this watch has something to do with her succeeding. The thinking is, “I wore this watch. I succeeded. My success is because I wore the watch.” The watch deludes her into self confidence and purpose; its absence leads to nervousness and lack of focus.

A work colleague of mine has this high belief in his own capability.  Every time he jumps into a fresh project, he deludes himself to over-estimate his own contribution and gives no credence to the positive role of other people or circumstances. So while he gets accoladed as an achiever, I notice him getting increasingly delusional from the success. Do I see shades of Hitler and Saddam Hussein who, in their time, were similarly deluded about their own great power and ability to control events?

Coming to my own self, I can see the several beliefs that have contributed to what success I have seen. Beliefs pertaining to people, situations and work. The other day, when a business associate was proposing a new process, I noticed an instinctive resistance building up within me. I heard myself countering that our prevailing processes brought success in the past so why change. Later when I thought about my negative reaction, I wondered if I had got trapped in my own success delusion, refusing to move with change.

The above provide glimpses of how success gets linked to the outside. But what about success that comes from within?

When we look inwards for that inner success, I believe this requires a balance between mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Success here gets closely aligned to our core values. It is this alignment which allows a clear vision of the future. Of innovative action and a sense of direction. Mahatma Gandhi had such a vision when he undertook the novel path of non-violence to gain India its independence from its colonial masters. Decades later, this also became the power of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech.

So I come back to the question, “What does success mean to us, a vision or a delusion?”

I believe true success would need to embody both external and inner facets of our existence. Which would mean that both delusion and vision would play a role.  If delusion panders to our emotions, makes us feel optimistic and helps us to aim higher, vision allows us to dream the future and inspires action with imagination and insight. So as our success remains a product of both sides of the Vision- Delusion polarity, the kind of success each one of us achieves depends on the mix of vision and delusion we have created within ourselves.

Could this be the reason for the thin line we often notice between a visionary and a delusionary? Could this have been the reason for the visionary brilliance of Nobel laureate John Nash as he grappled with his schizophrenic delusions, so eloquently portrayed in the film Beautiful Mind?

Author: Shakti Ghosal

* A PCC Credentialed Leadership Coach. * A qualified engineer and a PGDM (Faculty Gold medalist) from IIM Bangalore. * More than three decades of industry experience spanning Engineering, Maintenance, Projects, Consumer durables, Supply Chains, Aviation and Tourism in the Gulf region and India. * Top level management positions to drive business development, strategy, alliances all around the globe. * A visiting faculty at the IIMs. *A passion to envision trends & disseminate Leadership incubation globally. * . +91 - 9051787576

63 thoughts on “Success…… Vision or Delusion?”

  1. Shakti, this is a most powerful and thought-provoking post. There is so much emphasis on societal standards and external definitions of success… but I believe that this is truly all ‘delusional’ ~ and that true success must start from within. For some it almost a type of “programming” that begins when we are very very young – and we can never see beyond. I tried to raise my own children to look inside themselves… achieve for the sake of how that achievement makes them feel (not how the teacher will feel or grade them)… I have learned a lot from my kids in this regard. They are now in their 20s and I know, they get pulled in different directions – but still feel confident that they consult with self often as they navigate their own definitions of success. Thank you for this wonderful post ~ RL

    1. Hi Robyn,

      Delighted to receive your kind acknowledgement as also your thoughts on this earlier post of mine.

      I could not agree with you more when you say that ” true success must start from within.” And yes, it has a lot to do with the programming of our inner compass during the process of socialisation. But it would also have to do with the embedded beliefs acquired through our life experiences and societal pressures. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the difference between these beliefs and our inner compass of values. In the hurry burry of our lives, these inner beliefs do masquerade as our values and sometimes very convincingly too. To be able to truly discern, we need to , as you said, look inside from a space of calmness and inquiry.



      1. I do agree Shakti ~ very hard to discern from where our “belief system” originates…. and what is a manifestation of a sort of pre-programming (some might even say ‘brainwashing’) … I think the best we can do is face our emotional reactions, and trust instinctual feelings… and yes, from that place of calmness and neutrality. I know… It is a very tough task! Love and Blessings ~ RL

      2. Dear Robyn,

        What you say is true. It is indeed hard to discern from what and when our beliefs originated. But the good news is that much of our perceptual and functional constraints as dictated by our underlying beliefs can be significantly loosened if not totally eliminated by praise and awareness.

        Thank you again for the lovely comment.

        With blessings


  2. I agree with the comment that success is peace of mind and a happy heart.

    I enjoyed this, Shakti. It says a great lot.

    1. Yes, peacefulness of mind and happiness of the heart are important. But Mindfulness goes beyond these as it holds the capacity to appreciate the
      “here and now”, as it teaches us to ” dance in the moment.”

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. So true! A reality check for all. To me success now is having a peace of mind, a happy heart, of love that overcomes any trials in life, good health, a faith that inspires me in all things. The rest are just added bonus.

  4. Yes, you have made me think, perhaps, over think, as I am apt to do.
    And when I find myself in that place of thought, I think that I have no clue
    Success is a measurable, as easy to tell as is the time
    But at the end of the day the only success I can measure is mine
    So tell me true, as you are apt to do, is this diddy a success to you?

    This post of yours was most awesome and most inspiring. Fantastic!

    1. Hi Timkeen,

      You may have hit the nail on the head.Success may indeed be a very personal initiative and experience. What would matter is how I define my own success and what path I choose to attain.

      Thank you so much for your comment and presence here.


  5. Simply wish to say your article is as amazing. The
    clarity in your put up is just excellent and that i could suppose you’re an expert in this subject. Well together with your permission let me to clutch your RSS feed to keep up to date with imminent post. Thank you one million and please continue the enjoyable work.

  6. Success is about accepting ones life and living it to the full what ever that may mean..Taking opportunities and not looking back and saying I wish I had…We do have to survive in a modern world and we owe it to ourselves to be independant of others financially so as not to burden others. If working and making money means success to some…thats also okay!!! I used to be an athlete and success was to win…The success goalpost changes in life as we change and see things differently!! My older son has not acheived much in life..I don’t feel successful on that score!!

    1. Hi Lisaman,

      My apologies for the delay in responding but I somehow missed your beautiful comment.

      I could not agree with you more! Success is a very personal aspect for each one of us.It does start with acceptance- acceptance of our own selves and what serves us. So there really can be no straitjacketed recipe here and no black and white.

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate you.


  7. What an extraordinary essay! I found it to be thought provoking and very interesting. Mahatma Gandhi’s words: ““I must first be the change that I want to see in the world.” have been key to (not my success) but my life. I suppose I do not view my success in the manner in which it is so often viewed. I view my success by what degree I can change the things within that need to be changed, to make me the person that I am meant to be. When it comes to success within the world … it meant doing my very best. This is again, a wonderful essay. Thank you.

    1. Hi Raven,

      Just discovered your comment which for some strange reason was lodged in the spam folder!I just now retrieved it.I am truly delighted to discover that you have been applying Gandhi’s words in your life. I find that so empowering as I find your view of success and what it means to you.

      Thank you for kind encouragement, it means a lot to me!

      Cheers and God bless.


    1. Sue,

      Having your presence here is such a pleasure and honour.Thank you for your kind wishes and yes, autumn is such a lovely time here in Oman….. the weather becoming more pleasant by the day.

      Cheers and God bless, I appreciate you.


  8. You never fail to bring out the best, most engaging discussions.
    I’m gone back and forth thinking about this. And yeah, I always fall on our subconscious and conscious minds – the way we think from the way we act.
    I love your watch example. Not just the story, but you perfectly utilized it with this subject. I agree on your last that delusion, well, thinking, imagining or dreaming, plays a vital role on gaining success no matter how much farfetched or realistic you are.
    Idea is powerful, very powerful. It can move a mountain. Believing it is another thing, or the next step. Now, putting it in action is the very main course. You have to face struggles, you need to find a constant drive, and you have to hold on to that once very tiny idea you had. It really is up to the person whether you strive for success or not.
    On a slightly different topic, just sharing myself here…
    I, for one, am someone who somehow dread success, greatness and grandness. I have a habit of prolonging things when I’m nearing completion. I’m also one who, when I come up with a very great great idea, tends to over-think it and wants to make it all perfect. Or I would think I’m going to a higher level that I would dread others won’t get it. Or simply, I hate great expectations. Just some factors that affect me reaching goals.
    I guess I am only justifying, reiterating that even the most absurd or doubtful or convoluted the idea, illusion or vision of success is, if you set yourself into something or you put your thinking into life, you will certainly somehow benefit something from it….failure or success.

    1. Hi Rommel,

      Going through the archives, I notice that I have somehow missed responding to this beautiful comment of yours on my earlier post. Do accept my apologies, I like to be fairly particular about this.

      What intrigues me are your words, ” I, for one, am someone who somehow dread success, greatness and grandness. I have a habit of prolonging things when I’m nearing completion. I’m also one who, when I come up with a very great great idea, tends to over-think it and wants to make it all perfect.”

      What is at the core of this dread that you hold about success? What is the cause behind this anxiety about trying to be perfect?

      In case you wish, we could take this specific discussion out of wordpress and on a one to one basis. I could be reached on

      Cheers and God bless.


  9. A very interesting and thought provoking post, Shakti. I think that we all too often measure our success against that of others, instead of realising that our measure of success is a personal ongoing process, which should only be calculated against our own expectations for ourselves.

  10. Funny you should write about success. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and toying with the idea that true success isn’t defined by money you earn, how productive you are, or whatever superficial parameters we put on it, but that it really does come from within. I had a career change because I was very unhappy, but I always say that the people who are really successful at that career are delusional about it– but not necessarily in a bad way.

    1. Yes, sustainable success does reside and come from within.And I like the awareness you bring in about aspects of delusion which might be supporting some folks in their careers.

      Thank you for your comment.


  11. Very thought provoking. The very vision of our success over time can become a delusion in itself. I suppose in that sense success truly depends on it having value in our lives and those around us. With blessings.

    1. That indeed is a great takeaway and insight and I quote, ” …success truly depends on it having value in our lives and those around us.” Impact both within and outside, this truly is the essence of success. Thank you!


    2. Your words, and I quote, “The very vision of our success over time can become a delusion in itself…” do open up a new avenue of thoughts.And yes, success, in the ultimate analysis, has everything to do with the value it brings in into our lives. I guess this remains the barometer to test our very own and unique success recipe.

      Loved your comment, thank you.


    1. True Sharmishtha. I guess our beliefs instil the confidence in us to achieve ( success delusion?) which in turn further reinforces the beliefs. A postive cycle so long as we harness this to our benefit.

      Thank you for your comment.


  12. How I cherish the wisdom of Gandhi. Barbara Marx Hubbard is also one of my heroes. I’ve been listening to her speak on various Web discussions over the past two weeks. From what I have exchanged with Bela in the blogosphere, I’m not surprised to see her share a quote from BMH.

    Since much has been said, I can simply add that since we are such an unfinished species, we need to observe ourselves. Visions can become delusions, delusions can inspire vision and how do we know the true motive in the person using either? We need to watch what we are up to. Being honest about our true motives is not easy because an ego doesn’t want to bump into a dark side of itself.

    Actually, Shakti, what another is being is not our business. What are we being?

    Blessings on the poor man who wants to take all the credit. What a long, hard road he has in front of himself.

    Now. Where’s my road again? 🙂

    1. Amy,

      I never cease to wonder at the depth and insight you bring into everything you pen, be it your posts or comments.

      This perspective of we being an unfinished ( could this also mean evolving?) species and this becoming the basis for our visions and delusions is a new paradigm!To drill down from here to the individual level and the unique motivations that may be driving one’s own success is such a great awareness.

      Your presence is such a blessing, Amy.


  13. Wow, this is the first time I’ve read all the comments to another’s post with equal interest to the post, itself! Great reflections on what we term success.

    On a personal level, if my success does not create success for the community, small or large, it is no triumph. Of course I still have inner goals, and when I attain one of them (write to my blog once or twice a week, e.g.), there is some level of satisfaction in honoring a promise made to myself. Terming it “success” is open to interpretation. Pertaining to “success in the world,” it is empty indeed if not of shared benefit. And I maintain that visualization and realization (delusion and vision?) are both critical to the creative mind which brings forth successful ideas and concepts. I cannot imagine Einstein or other world-changers lacking in either.

    I know this is long and not entirely pertinent to this specific article, though the article/post calls it to mind, so I suspect there is benefit in sharing it. From Barbara Marx Hubbard, leader in the Evolutionary Consciousness movement:

    “To enter the convergence zone as those who are responsible for social innovations, we must become mature imaginal cells. It is a time for continued self-improvement. In fact, the social potential movement gives new meaning to the 30-year effort of millions within the human potential movement. To take the next step we must become more conscious of our own state of being — of our thoughts and intentions. For as we approach the convergence zone, everything within us is magnified, our weaknesses as well as our strengths. The pressure on all social change agents is intense. We continue to struggle to evolve — personally, financially, organizationally — usually with little support from our current culture. Many of us may fall by the wayside, at least for the moment. But those who persevere through the tension zone have a great reward in store for all of us. For once inside the convergence zone new patterns prevail and reinforce one another, and we get a taste of the cocreative society — heaven on Earth. Practicing the personal path of the cocreator is vital, for we must stabilize our own higher internal state of being to remain in the convergence zone. Most particularly, we seek to overcome our ego-driven behavior — our desire to dominate and win over others — and learn to cooperate and cocreate. Few of us have learned to remain in our higher state of being. We are competitive and have a desire to win. We lose resonance, we fear rejection, judgment seeps in, and we fall into separation — then struggle to rise again and again, seeking to stabilize. Very few of us have stabilized at our own high norm (certainly including me). We flicker in and out of higher consciousness. But remember, we are still a young species. I believe that we have not yet discovered what it means to be fully human. This is the work of the maturing social potential movement: to provide win-win social systems within which the higher qualities of love, creativity, and the responsibility of humanity can be reinforced and secured.”

    Blessings, Shakti.

    1. Bela,

      As I read your comment, I became transfixed by Barbara Marx Hubbard’s words.What an incredible mix of human awareness, possibilities and the convergence of consciousness.What resonated for me were the words, “….we are still a young species. I believe that we have not yet discovered what it means to be fully human.”
      Somehow, somewhere these words transported me and made me remember some of the closing scenes from Carl Sagan’s Contact. Yes, I do believe that amidst all the noise and confusion we see around us, we need to retain a positivity regarding overall societal development.

      Once again thank you taking the time to post such a beautiful and enriching comment. I appreciate you.

      Shakti Ghosal

  14. Success /failure, vision/ delusion, Life /death, God/ Satan, Virtue/ evil, Heaven/Hell etc., are all paradigms. Clearing ourselves of all those is – nirvana/ moksh. And it is easier said than done. We take /need 84 lacs yonies to do / understand THAT. Happy Journey !

    This is my paradigm ( ha…haa) 😀

  15. Dear Shakti,

    Thanks for a great and thought provoking post — one that so eloquently captures the myriad facets of this maddeningly capricious, seductive, alluring, demanding, and oft-elusive and transitory mistress called success.

    You have correctly pointed out that success has both endogenous and an exogenous elements. While there is general agreement that success is a relative term, in my perspective it is probably safe to state that for each one of us, perception of success is partly conditioned by the inner self-realisation and self-esteem that it engenders, and partly by the satisfaction derived from external acclaim of the accoutrements of success. What varies greatly, and is specific to the individual, is the relative weightage that each one assigns to these two facets of the edifice of success.

    To those who value the external acclaim element more, usually the material component of success attains higher importance, and it is these individuals who are more motivated by “keeping up with the Joneses” spirit. They constantly chase the ephemeral satisfaction of bigger, larger, and more flashy, triggering off a never ending cycle of increasingly conspicuous consumption. Sadly, these individuals often do not realise that they are chasing a chimera, and that the Joneses of this world will eventually also — over time — acquire the next level of material goods.

    To others, the fostering of relationships and fulfilling emotional attachments is a far more important determinant of success.

    Others still will speak of the quest for inner peace and fulfilment as the touchstone for success.

    To be able to attain a balanced perspective, therefore, it becomes necessary to do some soul searching and to re-evaluate one’s own basic goals and motivations in life.

    I personally believe that at a very basic, almost atavistic, level, the precondition for and precursor to “success” must be the fulfilment of the elemental needs of the individual, captured in the oft-quoted Maslow’s hierarchy.

    It is only once this threshold is achieved, that at the next stage we can build on this foundation and set our specific individual goals and priorities.These will inevitably be conditioned and influenced by the thinking and the needs of one’s near and dear ones, and that is only as it should be.

    To the extent that much human progress is ascribable to the relentless pursuit of new heights by dreamers and visionaries, there is probably an element of self-delusion involved. This, properly harnessed, can be an important element of success.


    Viney Sahgal
    ( Lounge session group)

    1. Dear Sir,

      As always, you have brought in a holistic perspective on what success would mean under different situations. Reading your comment, what resonated for me was your closing line and , to quote you, ” human progress is ascribable to the relentless pursuit of new heights by dreamers and visionaries, there is probably an element of self-delusion involved. This, properly harnessed, can be an important element of success.” I guess we confront this at unexpected corners in our life journey and really speaking, was the inspiration behind my post.

      Thank you Sir for your presence here and I am taking the liberty of transferring your comment to the ” blogosphere” for the benefit of more eyeballs which it richly deserves.



  16. Dear Shakti,

    A great post. Your points reg success, vision and delusion are interesting and stimulating.

    Yes, success is usually, but does not have to be, judged by the outside world. True leaders in fact set their own standards, and judge them against them, but quite harshly. In that sense, success can come from within, and then it is really no different from satisfaction. I use a film, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, to bring out this point. I am sure many in the LS would have seen this great film and read the equally great short novel by James Hilton.

    Vision and delusion: who says what is a vision and what is a delusion? Are they judged later on by their success? Partly, but not always and fully. Gandhi’s idea of abolition of untouchability or Hindu Muslim amity are not delusions simply because they were not attained in his life time or even 70 years after his death. But ultimately, this judgment is also made by the external world. The leader, visionary or the deluded mind may continue to believe in the ideas. Some may even lead to their being realized.

    Thanks for the post.


    (Lounge session Yahoo group)
    Co-author of the ISTD award winning book,The Essence of Leadership: Explorations from Literature published by Macmillan, Delhi (2010). The co-author is Sampat P Singh; Being Ethical: Ethics as the Foundation of Business. Published by Random House India (December, 2011); and recently released: Hitt. M.A.; Ireland, R.D.; Hoskisson, R.E.; and Manikutty, S. Strategic Management: A South Asian Perspective. Cengage India (February, 2012).
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    ~Jacques Barzun

    When you reach heaven, God will not ask you how many cars you had and of which make. But He will want to know to how many people you gave a lift.

    1. Dear Sir,

      That is a great perspective you bring in when you say, and I quote, “who says what is a vision and what is a delusion? Are they judged later on by their success?” I guess there is no judgement that can be made about either vision or delusion. Which one serves us at a point in time matters.

      I am taking the liberty of moving your comment and my response to me blogsite for the benefit of more eyeballs.

      Thank you Sir for passing by.

      Shakti Ghosal ’74

  17. Dear Shakti,

    That was absolutely brilliant. I have recommended it on facebook.

    As people define vision differently they may interpret your post differently. That is what gives it a breadth of meaning beyond the obvious.


    ( Lounge Session Yahoo group)

    1. Thank you Sir for your gracious acknowledgement of the post and I do appreciate your sharing it on Facebook.

      Indeed our interpretation of our “Success” would be unique to each one of us and would depend on our process of actualisation in life. I guess our aspects of vision and delusion would arise out of this. That is why I defined a continuum on which we could land to determine our very own success recipe….



  18. Yet another mind puzzle you have created friend 🙂 Thanks…Success itself has become such a tainted word, one which many are afraid to even try to attain. How silly. Words have taken on such strength it is definitely time to free ourselves and drop our need for words that distort our reality. Soon will come telepathy and freedom to soar unencumbered. Success is not defined by what we have or by what we accomplish but rather by what we have to offer this world and in leaving it a better place than when we arrived. Soon we will embracing these concepts as the shift finalizes itself and humanity now is operating from a higher consciousness 🙂 Thanks Shakti….The change is close now! Be well and stay in the light….VK

    1. Hi VK,

      As always loved your all embracing, thoughtful comment.To link Success to leaving the world and thereby the rest of humanity in a better situation is so empowering. What kind of vision- delusion mix we use to achieve this outcome, I guess, becomes secondary!

      Great thought VK, I appreciate you.


  19. Intyeresting post, Shakti. Success, visionary, delusional…. all are pretty subjective. Worry not for the success or failure, but do your karma……. that which in your best judgement is the right thing to do at a given time.

  20. Dear Ghosal,
    A thought provoking post. I have often wondered about how great people like Socrates
    chose to embrace a painful death rather than compromise on their principles. Surely they
    must have “succeeded” in their own reckoning even while losing their very lives.
    I don’t know about others but I do keep looking for appreciation/approval from others and sometimes go against my own judgement just to avoid criticism/disapproval.
    Do keep sharing your musings.


    1. Hi Kabeer,

      You are not the only one my friend! All of us have been conditioned through life to seek external approvals for that is the way the world operates.As we continue to seek acceptance from the outside, we fail to see that this behaviour stems from our own insecurity and inner instability. The minute we reframe our perspective to realise that external acceptance has really little to do with who we are, we would be at peace and end all inner discords.

      Yes I love to muse and plan to do that as long as I can. Thank you for your presence here and wish you and your family all the best.


  21. From your post, I found a few truisms: I believe there is a thin line that separates genius from insanity (delusion). I also believe that true success must first come from within and cannot be measured by the numbers on a bank or financial statement.

    A very thoughtful post, Shakti. About your daughter: many have “lucky” shirts, a rabbit foot, and rituals that make them feel secure. So she’s in good company. When she realizes that she’s the real reason for her “luck,” then she might stop being nervous if she can’t find the watch. 🙂

    1. Hi Judy,

      At the outset, my sincere apologies for somehow missing your comment.

      Yes indeed, true success needs to be anchored to what are our intrinsic values.That is the only way success can be sustained. I would also venture to say that we carry a mix of delusion and vision based on our socialisation and circumstances. Success for us may thus be leveraged through our own unique recipe containing both these ingredients.

      Thank you for your comment and your presence here.


  22. Awesome post Shakti!!

    Loved your train of thought surrounding the vision- delusion polarity!! Awesome n insightful thought 🙂

    I also loved what you said about the alignment of mental, spiritual & emotional dimensions connecting to Success!!

    Awesome post!! HAppy Blogging 🙂


    1. Delighted you liked the post Shraddha. I drew inspiration from my Power Tool and that is where you see the polarity:) In fact I look forward to using the tool soon…..



  23. I only watched the beautiful mind film again 2 nights ago 🙂 ..

    Success is something we are taught from an early age to strive for.. We are rewarded if we succeed.. For not to succeed we are deemed a failures.. .. We measure our success by attainment and also material gain,, not just in knowledge…

    Success doesn’t mean we are any Wiser than some one who in the eyes of the intellectuals are down and outers..
    Ive found many Intellectuals vacant of common sense..:-)
    Success cannot be measured .. for we are all successful in various ways with our variety of gifts.. From a sheep herder in the mountains to a Banker…
    Our Success is one I think we measure within our own self worth.. not outer trappings…. so I agree entirely with what you said
    Quote.. “” So as our success remains a product of both sides of the Vision- Delusion polarity, the kind of success each one of us achieves depends on the mix of vision and delusion we have created within ourselves.””
    Great post..

    1. Sue,

      As always, you have brought in such a great and thoughtful perspective.What I hear you say is that we tend to measure our success using other folks’ barometers.Does this not show our own intrinsic weak self worth ( to borrow from what you have said in your comment)? As I think of this I wonder how many of us possess that inner conviction of our own selves to really measure our own worth.

      Thank you, I appreciate you!


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