Connecticut, Delhi and HO’OPONONO……..

What we feel and think and are is to a great extent determined by the state of our ductless glands and viscera. ~Aldous Huxley, English author, 20th century

Over the last month the media streams have remained clogged with two events. First,the horrific massacre of school children and teachers in Connecticut, USA. Second, the barbaric rape and “murder” of an Indian medical student in Delhi.



As part of an increasingly aware and connected society, we remain quick to rationalise into the underlying reasons and ascribe blame. The flickering screens become full with debates and sermons as questions and suggestions fly thick and fast.

Why does the U.S. Government not take up with the National Rifle Association and amend the gun ownership laws?
• What makes the Indian police so insensitive and ill equipped to take care of women safety on the roads?
• If, as it now emerges, gunman Adam Lanza displayed worrisome and awkward behaviour, why did his mother not do something about it?
• What was the trigger for the gang of rapists to have conducted themselves in such a brutal and violent manner?

…and so on, the list goes on and on.

Delhi rape

We may sit in judgement and hold holier than thou perceptions. As we take time out to show our solidarity with the cause and impatience and distrust with the ‘powers that be’. Or we may choose to get involved with our hearts, indulge in emotional outpourings and feel we are doing our bit. Either way we do not take responsibility for what happened.

But could it be that as we come across such evil and darkness in the world, there lies a seed of responsibility within us? When we accept the status quo of injustice on the plea that this is how it has been? When we prefer to remain an onlooker to a crime perpetrated on someone else? When we spend our energy to protect our own cocoon only? When we expect the Government and the police to follow standards of morality and behaviour higher than our own?

My thoughts flit to Joe Vitale and his book “Zero Limits”. About therapist Dr.Hew Len and his handling of a ward of criminally insane patients. Dr. Len never saw patients but only reviewed their files. As he looked at the files, he would work on himself by repeating the following universal mantras.
• I am sorry.
• Please forgive me.
• I thank you
• I love you.

And as he worked and improved himself, the patients started to improve and heal!

Dr. Hew Len was following the concept of HO’OPONONO, a Hawaiian word dealing with “extreme responsibility” which requires the person to take total responsibility of his life including all people and situations coming into it. A ‘tough to swallow’ and bizarre concept on first sight!


But as I muse on the need to take responsibility of anything that shows up in our life, absolutely everything, I start seeing a continuum. Between extreme responsibility and that of reconciliation and forgiveness. I also come face to face with my Karma in that I must be willing to experience myself what I have allowed to happen to others, either by my inaction or inability.

And today in this new millennium, as we sit on the explosive powder keg of increasing disparity, isolation of the ‘left behinds’ in fast changing societies and values and technology driven, rapid creation of awareness and beliefs, could HO’OPONONO show us the way forward?

In learning……… Shakti Ghosal

Acknowledgement: Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More by Joe Vitale & Ihaleakala Hew Len, Dec. 2008.

Author: Shakti Ghosal

* A PCC Credentialed Leadership Coach. * A qualified engineer and a PGDM (Faculty Gold medalist) from IIM Bangalore. * More than three decades of industry experience spanning Engineering, Maintenance, Projects, Consumer durables, Supply Chains, Aviation and Tourism in the Gulf region and India. * Top level management positions to drive business development, strategy, alliances all around the globe. * A visiting faculty at the IIMs. *A passion to envision trends & disseminate Leadership incubation globally. * . +91 - 9051787576

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  1. The Delhi rape case shocked the whole nation. It was only thing played on the news for days. But that’s about it. After a month or so, the furore died and nothing was done. Till today there have been cases of rape being printed in the newspaper but what are our esteemed politicians doing to curb the problem? Absolutely nothing. The Anti-Rape bill has been passed by the president. Let’s see how effective it is.

    The world would be a better place if we all practiced HO’OPONONO ! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sanah for your thoughts. We do have a choice. We can point fingers at a system which clearly is imperfect. Or we could see what role we could play to shift the system including our own selves a wee bit forward towards positivity.



  2. Hi Shakti,
    I was excited to see this post as I’ve just finished reading Zero Limits. I’ve been trying to “clean” as often as I can! I’m so glad to see others are as well.

    1. Erin,

      Great to hear from you and to know that you have just completed “Zero Limits”. As we move forward with the cleansing process and reach a critical mass, I believe we would see the world changing.



  3. A strong, and timely post, Shakti. I really appreciate what you write here. It is wonderful to know you are with the causes you speak of.

    Do you know, I cannot understand why the US doesn’t stand up to the gun people either. I am not sure you could change American culture though. They feel a RIGHT to bear arms, a RIGHT to end a fight by killing someone – pointing a gun at them, threatening them, saying “Shut the fk up” and pulling the trigger…. or that’s what I see from where I sit.

    Regarding women, it would be frightful, just ridiculous, to not go about your day unharrassed. At the end of the day, the men want dinner laid down, right? Well, if you get raped on your way home from the market, you do NOT feel normal, all is completely sent awry because you have been invaded, mistreated, abused. Just not okay.

    1. More than merely “knowing” the causes, what could we do? Following the HO’OPONONO path and holding the intention to send positivity outwards into a grossly unhappy world could be a way forward. This is what inspired this post.

      Thank you for your thoughts on the issue.


  4. I’m moved by your musings in this article… When we hear of violent tragedy, how do we relate to it? Where is our responsibility? Do we immediately disconnect, call it barbaric, distance ourselves from the evil? You write: “But could it be that as we come across such evil and darkness in the world, there lies a seed of responsibility within us?” Interconnected as we are, we must consider how/why violent circumstances come to be. Dare I say we are more likely to offer healing to global existence if we do? I believe that the very denial of our interconnectedness (through our resistance to attempt an understanding of the root of abhorrent acts), can make our communities prey to invasion. Therein lies my hope: the more we understand it, and how it comes to be… ploughing through our resistance of it… the more resolved we become to seek contentment, peace, and calm despite the presence of darkness… and the more power we have to eliminate its treachery.

    When I read about HO’OPONONO, I’m touched by Dr. Len’s potential impact on his patients. As a student of META and mantra affirmations, I understand the potency of such a practice! In the face of “extreme responsibility”, I feel a cautionary red flag emerge in my system. I ask myself: “What does it say? What is its source?” In honest reflection I find fear of enmeshment and co-dependence, and in the depths… ferocious resolve to self-preserve. Does this mean that HO’OPONONO delivers enmeshment? I think not!!!! Interestingly, I think that a HO’OPONONO-like practice is one of the very forces that has guided my mapping OUT of the enmeshment zones in relationships! Here I find dao-ist dualism, humming it’s harmony in two voices. Polar, yet compatible. “Extreme responsibility” in one hand, and the 2nd of the 4 Toltec agreements: “Don’t Take Anything Personally” ( in the other hand. The balance of the two limbs strengthens the core of the center.

    Thank you for your contributions to our awakening, Shakti! Your spirit is in full view, and it is a gift indeed.


    1. Hi Annie,

      At the outset, I apologise for the delay in responding. I have been travelling out on work and just returned back last night.

      Your comment is so full of insight that I have been mulling over it since morning.The more I think, I reach the conclusion that your perspective of
      (to quote you) “…very denial of our interconnectedness (through our resistance to attempt an understanding of the root of abhorrent acts), can make our communities prey to invasion. Therein lies my hope: the more we understand it, and how it comes to be….” hits bull’s eye on all points. Indeed this consciousness holds the capacity of healing our society in a way beyond our dreams. So, what is it we could do, each one of us, to disseminate this perspective, spread the consciousness? What possibilities are available to us for this?

      To be truthful, I remain both fascinated and somewhat unsure of what you have commented in your second paragraph. This may be due to my limited understanding of Dao-ist dualism.I need to understand more of this before I can start seeing the connectivity with extreme responsibility. Thank you for pointing me in this direction.

      Annie, I truly appreciate your comment and presence here.



      1. Hi Shakti! It is such a fortune to connect with a global sibling on such topics! This is what I call fun:)!

        I’ll do my best to explain what I meant in my second paragraph! I often incorporate brief explanations in my articles, but a purely intellectual description remains illusive. The harder I grasp, the more illusive it becomes. I find clarity through poetic sense when I abandon the need for thought… and in a spirit of wonder, succumb to my other senses.

        Before I’d heard of the “Tao”, I often marveled at the deep resonating quality of a statement/philosophy (like “extreme responsibility” let’s say), with and NOT in spite of the deep resonating quality of what may arguably be a polarizing statement/philosophy (like the Toltec Spiritual “Agreement” ~ Don’t Take Anything Personally). I noticed the powerful force I felt when I surrendered in the center of the two polarities, letting each resonate in their truth from seemingly “opposing” extremes. It felt potent and good and healing, and began emerging more often, as I noted and enjoyed. A few years ago I was given a book about “Tao”. It was moving to hear someone else describe this abstract feeling, poem after poem.

        Associating “tao-ism” with extreme responsibility happened for me when I was moved by your transcendent description of the healing potential of extreme responsibility. With that, I sensed the balance of another, arguably “opposing” lesson (the “Toltec Agreement”) that has also held a healing quality for me in the past. The truth of one does not take from the truth of the other, but strengthens the center core. In my experience, just being (when I can)… in that “center”… has been a rejuvenating and meditative practice. Additionally related to your article, recognition of this balance often soothes the torment I experience when trying to understand abhorrently violent behavior WHILE holding compassion for ALL human beings. I experience disgust for the manifestation of pain/evil/suffering pulling one “arm”. And, the infinite love and hope and creation available to ALL pulls the other “arm”. My heart and lungs suspend in the center, momentarily restful and serene in their allowance of the two.

        I hope I’ve described this using accessible language!

        Thank you again, for prompting exhilarating discussion and a push to transform sensations into words.


      2. Hi Annie,

        You indeed have and also whetted my curiosity to read into Tao-ism. Could you recommend where I should start? And yes, this discussion for me has been intriguing and has supported in shifting my perspective. I need to acknowledge you for that.

        Annie, I appreciate you.


      3. Hi Shakti! I have only recently begun reading about the Tao (although I’ve sensed it without words for years), so I don’t have many resources to share (yet). I have enjoyed the Tao Te Ching. There are many different translations- each worth a look- so I’d say it doesn’t so much matter which you start with. I like to open my book at a random page each day and read one of the [poems]. I also HIGHLY recommend the “On Being” podcast hosted by Krista Tippett ( She interviews enthusiasts and scholars from many different religious backgrounds! When I listen to these interviews, I’m moved to tears… dare I say every time? The tears come from happiness, and from the deep sense of connection to global siblings that each interview promises. I felt resonance of the Tao through the “On Being” before I’d heard of the Tao, through interviews with experts representing so many different faiths. Mmmm, brings a heart smile to share it with you!

        Thanks for your interest! Wishing you a highly productive week.

        Annie at Biocadence

  5. HO’OPONONO – Indeed an amazing concept. I did Google about it a little bit after reading about it in your post. A Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness – But somehow after these incidents, forgiveness is something that doesn’t come to me easily. You have raised some really important points worth pondering – ‘When we spend our energy to protect our own cocoon only? When we expect the Government and the police to follow standards of morality and behavior higher than our own?’ When we take time to introspect, we realize each one of us have a role to play in this… Seems like we have a long way to go…

    1. I agree we do have a long way to go. But does that not hold true for every aspect we come across in our lives?What we see as Goals and outcomes, when reached, do we not see further possibilities opening up beyond? Holding this perspective, could we not initiate our first baby steps?



  6. You share an interesting way on how to dealt it my friend, I never heard it before but in my understanding Ho’Oponopono is a great way of practice for reconciliation and forgiveness, this post bring great perspective on how to look every things happening to us.
    In my own way, the responsibility for changes starts from our self, on how we see things. What happened in Connecticut and in India was brutal and I don’t think this will apply to those person did such inhuman act. For me they need to be punished and need to pay for what they did to her, I am speaking for my self and as a women…

    1. What my post attempted was to explore the concept of extreme responsibility using the craft of Ho’oponopono. It is but a choice which we have as we look at the world.To me punishment is a tactical action, taking extreme responsibility in our lives is a long term strategic transformation.

      Thank you for your comment.


  7. I have never heard the concept put forward in just the manner you have. The post links with a lot of what my son and I have discussed over the years, but comes in a different direction. You have given me a lot to think about. A portion of my own blog heads in a deeply spiritual direction. I hope you will visit a few of my posts under the heading of “spirituality” and share your thoughts with myself and my other readers. Thank you for stopping by as it is apparent God wanted me to see your message too.

    1. Hi Scott,

      Yes, I do believe there is a higher purpose which leads us. I definitely look forward to visiting some of your posts. Thank you for your presence here, I appreciate you.



      1. that is the thing that baffles me too, do you have any wild guesses because i dont! everytime i tally their behaviour with the behaviour of police of hollywood movies i feel absolute despair!

      2. When you say you feel baffled, this would imply that there is some lack of information or insight which is not allowing you to reach an answer. Right Sharmishtha? So if I may now ask, ” What is that lack of information that if you knew,would allow you to answer my first question?”

  8. What a wonderful concept Shakthi…had never heard of Ho’Oponopono before! I have introspected, constantly, about these two tragedies too, and am convinced that the harsher punishment everyone is clamouring for will not alone make a difference. A change in attitude and perspectives has to be wrought, an awareness to be spread among the ‘left behinds’ as you put it. And yes most importantly the taking responsibility.
    Have wondered why the powers that be don’t make use of the media to propagate awareness in India. Massive campaigns, and frequent short TV spots, akin to the hugely successful Polio campaign with bollywood stars, would certainly help.

    1. Yes, it is a great concept and I would urge you to try and read Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits.

      Again I do agree with you that thoughtful use of media and propaganda can surely hasten the change in our thinking and attitude.



  9. So aptly put! I completely agree with two things here. One, the quote by Aldous & two, where you have said – ‘ …I also come face to face with my Karma in that I must be willing to experience myself what I have allowed to happen to others, either by my inaction or inability’. Simply couldn’t agree more! From these disturbing events, all I know is that violence cannot celebrate it’s conquest for long, it never has, nor it ever will! Praying & hoping for peace to be restored in the world soon…
    Thank you for introducing ‘HO’OPONONO’. This is so interesting & I’m glad I got to know something about it.

    1. Hi Teju,

      This is great awareness.”..violence cannot celebrate it’s conquest for long, it never has, nor it ever will!” resonates.As we achieve critical mass of folks thinking similarly, this world of ours would transform into a wondrous place.

      In light……


  10. Thank you for speaking with courage and making a stand. Till today, it is hard for me to watch the news or read about them that involves murder and massacre of helpless children, women or any horrific, senseless crime for that matter without experiencing intense sad emotions as well as anger. It only reminds me that the world is getting worse and evil waits at every corner, even at places we thought were once safe. As usual, politics gets in and plays around with peoples feelings and vulnerability. Making promises, taking advantage of a situation by putting their own agenda covered in a packaging that hides it’s true selfish motives. I think what matters now is that all of us have to be vigilant and work as a community. A community that strives to protect our love ones, strive for peace, protect the rights and freedom of all particularly the defenseless. Great post my friend.

    1. You are so right. All of us who have inherited this world at this point in time have the great responsibility to come together, reach that critical mass to set forth the change needed. Technology allows us to do this for the first time in History and we should not lose this opportunity. Each one of us need to look within and see which of our competences we could bring forth. The TIME IS NOW…


    1. I too believe he discovered something unique and wondrous. It is now up to the rest of us to use his discovery in the interest of humanity. Are we prepared to hold this intention?


  11. Shakti, I am pleased and grateful to learn of HO’OPONONO. This is a completely beautiful and absolutely vital post. It would be an honor to post it on “Into the Bardo” next week and with your permission. I will come back to find you answer.

    Thank you!

    Be well, Shakti, and many blessings in 2013.

    Warmest regards,

  12. Interesting… I have never heard of HO’OPONONO practice, but have heard it chanted somewhere in my dreams. All such situations as described in your blog posting should always be looked at with a wide lens, and understood and explored in an holistic manner. We must begin with the I, and then move to the we, first internally then externally. The present world is filled with too many distractions and illusions. Taking responsibility can also be apart of the illusion, because such extreme acts of violence on any particular person can never be predicted. In such a brutal but beautiful world it seems impossible for everyone to live by the saying ‘Do not do to others that you wish not happen to you’ due to environmental conditioning and/or just pure evil. Thank you for such a thought provoking post Shakti!

    1. Yes, you are right. The lens, as you put it, which is our perspective, needs to be as holistic as possible.While this sounds right in theory, in reality, the lens does tend to get clouded by our perceptions and beliefs. Quite a lot of this is underlying. So while we may really believe we are being holistic in our approach, in reality we may not be able to do so.

      Your words, “Taking responsibility can also be a part of the illusion” resonates. Frankly I had not thought of it this way but you may be right. So as we embark on the path of extreme responsibility, we need to hold a particular type of vision of the world ( call this illusion if you will!) to be able to immerse ourselves in the ritual of HO’OPONOPONO.

      I loved your thoughts, thank you.


  13. What an amazing post, Shakti. HO’OPONONO is a bizarre concept – but one that may contain answers to the questions of responsibility and a way forward (through this mess we’ve created).

    1. Indeed Dianne, I believe we need to look inwards when we are not able to find solutions in the external world. HO’OPONOPONO is such a vehicle. Thanks for your kind acknowledgement, I appreciate you.


  14. Please check my latest post, Shakti…I’ve nominated you as one of the “Blog of the Year Awards for 2012″. Even if you don’t want to bother with awards, I’d like you to know how much I appreciate your work.

    1. Amy , you are such a dear! Thank you for this glorious acknowledgement, I feel so touched by your thoughtfulness.

      It is not that I do not bother about awards but do not know how to bring them on the blog-site! Could you help?

      Bless you!


  15. I do agree that it is idiotically myopic to look at gun control laws or inadequacy of police protection as causes, and that there is a massive attitude problem which lies at the base. I can’t buy into passively taking responsibility, or consequences, for acts of others, though. Providing active enlightenment and guidance seems to have far greater potential.

  16. A warm wave rises in my chest as I read your post and all the comments, Shakti. A lump sits in my throat. I appreciate your having written this incredibly important message. And that Margarita has expressed that the forgiveness formula is an amends…one of depth and healing for both parties.

    When I was in Africa three years ago, a group of us chanted this together. We learned to repeat it three times and found the result to be very powerful and inwardly transforming. ( I didn’t know it was from the Hawaiian culture.)

    The experience leaves me with an unwavering trust in purpose. In all things, big and small.

    1. Hi Amy,

      I got pointed towards Joe Vitale and his transformational book, “Zero Limits” while attending a class session sometimes last year. It was then that I became aware of HO’OPONOPONO and the incredible concept of Extreme Responsibility it brings forth. Somewhat later I practised it towards some folks in the larger family who were facing challenges. Incredibly it seemed to work in at least one area! The rational mind finds it difficult to accept but as you have pointed out, acceptance of what unfolds lies in trust in faith and purpose.

      History has shown that there is always aspects of our world that remains beyond humanity’s comprehension till Science is nudged by Man’s intrinsic curiosity to provide answers.HO’OPONONO would also gain clarity over time as our consciousness enlarges.

      Thank you for your kind presence here Amy, I appreciate you.


  17. Aloha Shakti! Of course you snagged my interest with the mention of ho’oponopono! It is well know and practiced, at least here on Hawaii island. I think it merges well with the spirit of Aloha that pervades the daily actions of many – in essence, to live and let live.
    We know humans are a disturbingly complex lot, and one which we cannot predict. Ever. And so I take responsibility, not only for my actions and words, but my thoughts and intentions. It is all I really have control over. And who knows? If enough of us engage in this self reflection, over time things may alter enough collectively to turn the tide.
    Being a child of the ‘sixties, it is my earnest hope that they do, for many of my generation envisioned it, large and collectively, not so long ago.

    1. Dear Bela,

      Thank you, you always bring such wonderful comprehension!

      Your presence in Hawaii of course would allow you a much better awareness and understanding of HO’OPONONO.So I ask you.Is this practise not a way to jump beyond all that I seemingly have control over viz. actions,words, thoughts and intentions ( which you have so rightly mentioned)? Does HO”OPONONO not really signify a bridge between the “seeds” of thoughts and intentions I carry inside and the Universal Consciousness? How else could one explain the results of Joe Vitale’s book?

      God bless.


      1. The founder of Ho’oponopono puts the practice into these words, “If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”
        Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

        Sounds like the Hawaiians following this ‘system’ understand karma, does it not? I do not disagree with your interpretation, dear one. Best to you!

  18. Good Morning Shakti may many blessing reach you today. I had technical difficulties while “Reblogging” your article. Therefore I put a link to it in my own article. Thank you. Liz

    1. That’s a real pity Raven. Yes, I also checked the Reblog site and it said that the content is no longer available. Thank you for providing the link in your article, I appreciate. I will go across and have a look there soon.



    1. Thank you. This is a lovely acknowledgement. Indeed Love can be a powerhouse in societal development. How could we spread the “ownership” of LOVE to reach a critical mass and make this happen? This, to me, would remain the key.

      God bless.


  19. “I also come face to face with my Karma in that I must be willing to experience myself what I have allowed to happen to others, either by my inaction or inability.”

    Shakti, You have mentioned that, which is often ignored or overlooked. Between forgiveness and taking responsibility, what we often forget to do, is to acknowledge ‘ what I have allowed to happen to others, either by my inaction or inability’. Excellent point. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Rachna,

      You have truly brought out the essence. Yes, it is the realisation and “acknowledgement” of how I have contributed to each and every situation and event happening around me that can act as the ” open Sesame” for moving forward. So, what could be done to spread this realisation?

      Thank you for this very incisive comment, I appreciate you.


  20. I’ve often said that you know you are an adult when you take responsibility for your own actions. You do not blame your parents for how you turned out. You do not blame society. You acknowledge what you have done, take responsibility for your actions, and resolve to become a better person.
    I don’t know if this applies to the horrific shooting deaths in Connecticut, or to the brutal rape and killing in India. But we do need to become aware that we should treat everyone the way we want to be treated.
    Thank you for your thoughtful insight, Shakti.

    1. Hi Judy,

      That is a great perspective, “you know you are an adult when you take responsibility for your own actions”.Keeping this awareness could show as the path.At the moment when we see aspects going out of control and our tendency to blame surfaces, we need to shift our perspective to look inwards deeply to see what we could do.

      At the rational level, all of us know that “we need to treat others the way we would like to be treated.” But what is it within us that leads us to act otherwise? Our intrinsic selfishness? Our insecurities? Or an innate need to prove our superiority?

      Loved your great thoughts, Judy. God bless.


  21. This is so extraordinary. I am a bit overwhelmed by it. Things come to us as they are meant to. This resonates with me as does the question: “Are you in 5th Dimentional Energy? This being a question found upon Soul Dipper’s Blog not long ago. Shakti, may I reblog this. It is so important. And it is of course the answer. Thank you for the reminder. Here it is only Jan.12th and I had already forgotten my new Year’s Resolution. Happy New Year. And thank you.

    1. Hi Raven,

      May I also wish you and all your near and dear ones an enlightened and purposeful 2013.

      Thank you for your kind comment and acknowledgement. I would of course neede to respond to you in greater detail. In the meanwhile, it would be a pleasure and honour for you to re-blog my post.

      Cheers and God bless.


  22. I hadn’t heard of that word before Shakti but it ripples from the tongue. As do your words resonate within my own thinking.
    I have long been saying that until we face responsibility of the worlds problems ourselves by understanding that we are ALL of contributing to them… We have to look deep within ourselves to see that its no good blaming others, judging, pointing fingers, while ever we sit on our pious thrones thinking all of these problems are caused by others…
    Ho’Oponono it seems understands that we each of us have to take ‘extreme responsibility’ for ALL of our actions.. And that included the way we view the world and cast out our judgements of condemnations, and prejudices, anger, jealousies etc etc…
    Until we alter the way we think, as we cast out our thoughts of blame we should look no further than our own homes.. At how many times we judge, and allow anger and disharmony to infect our every day lives and families ..
    Until we change the way WE are, the world will continue showing us its darker side..
    Until we cast out our own darker side we will not find that Peaceful world we all dream of living in,
    Until we find our own Light of our own Peace and forgive ourselves for being less than perfect, we will continue seeing the mayhem of society because WE are that society..

    Shakti, I so enjoyed this post and as usual my fingers ran away with the keys! ..

    May I take this opportunity to Wish you and your family a Bright and Blessed 2013..

    1. Hi Sue,

      At the outset, thank you for your kind wishes and may I also take this opportunity to wish you and and all your near and dear ones a peaceful and purposeful 2013!

      I loved your comment, written as you say with your fingers running away with the keys.Reading you, I can seethat you are a born Ho’oponopono practitioner. The question is, how could this perspective be shared and adopted more widely? What kind of societal change is needed for this?

      Cheers and God bless.


      1. Hi Shakti, I can only speak for myself… as we are all of us responsible for our thoughts and our Actions.. We each of us contribute to our society/communities that which we are part of…
        In order to change the world we have to change our societies and in order to change society we change our communities, to change our communities We have to change ourselves..

        I can only change myself… to be the best I can be.. I can only be kinder, less judgemental, treat another as I myself would wish to be treated… And If I harbour resentments and bitterness, Anger and Hate… then I can only expect the world to reflect back to me my thinking..
        But if I try to be the best I can be.. then if enough of us try then we become our communities of caring individuals and we then become a society we then begin to change the world
        Its up to US..
        We are the Ones who have to change our world..
        One action at a time.. by changing the way we Think and perceive, by letting go of Greed, by embracing each other in love and by serving each other ..
        I am but one ripple in the Pond…
        But when we all add our hearts,, we then create the Sea of Consciousness…. let us begin to create a tidal wave,
        It all starts with THOUGHTS… As we Think! So we CREATE..
        Let us first be responsible for our Thoughts and judge not that we be judged

        Blessings my friend as my fingers talked some more 🙂

      2. Dear Sue,

        Your words resonate.

        Indeed the change has to start with our own self. And yes, this has to be one action at a time. And as our actions produce outcomes and these coalesce and merge with each other, we start creating the fabric for a wonderous change in the world.

        As I reflect on your last line, “judge not that we be judged”, I realise that a large part of our reactions stem from our perception of being judged. What could we do to gain and spread this great perspective?

        Your comments are always so lovely Sue, I truly appreciate.


  23. Greetings Shakti 🙂 Ho’Oponopono is a wonderful way to face responsibilities. It is interesting living here in the states watching everything going on. The mad dash for gun control etc. yet nobody seems to ask the most important question of all. What is happening that any of this need for violence manifests in the first place? We have lost our morals and respect for one another, the spiritual side of life has been repressed, so much tweaking of life has stripped it of any meaning or purpose. Fix these issues and maybe we wouldn’t have a need for everything else being screamed for. Just like the diseases we don’t cure but create ways to sugar coat them, we are not going after the root causes of anything in our lives needing to be fixed. Being as how most of this has been created by the dark ones, it is up to us to create the scenario we DO DESIRE! Time to by pass the dark ones and get busy restoring values and morals and having respect for all life…It is up to us all…Ho’Oponopono sure couldn’t hurt. Time to try everything. Thanks Shakti…Hope all is well at you end…Blessings to you…VK

    1. Hi VK,

      As always you come in with such positive and thoughtful comments that I remain blessed.Your core question holds the power to heal much of our world.And I agree with you when you say that we ” need to get busy restoring values and morals and having respect for all life….” Maybe Ho’oponopono could be the vehicle to achieve this.

      Thank you, I truly appreciate your presence VK.


  24. Ho’Oponopono is not only about taking responsibility, it’s also about making amends in the process. It’s a beautiful Hawai’ian tradition that clearly acknowledges the unbreakable connection between the invisible world of Source (whatever that may mean to anyone reading this) and our very physical and human experience on this planet. In a way, it’s an acknowledgement and celebration of Oneness, the Truth that we all, individually and collectively, are an expression of Life, and that with that awareness and consciousness firmly rooted in our hearts and minds we do our part in creating the Life we all wish to live! Thanks, Shakti, for bring this up! xoxoM

    1. Hi Margarita,

      Thank you for your lovely comment and elaborating on the concept and power of Ho’oponopono.Reading it has whetted my desire to understand the concept in greater details. So thank you for pointing me in this direction.

      How could we support spreading this light so that humanity can more deeply acknowledge its connection with the Source and rid itself of many of the prevailing evils?

      Cheers, I appreciate you.


      1. Ah, Shakti, we humans suffer through our wonderful gift of human experience because we’ve forgotten, only forgotten, that we are each a perfect expression of Perfection. We’ve forgotten, that each of us carries a spark of that Perfection as It expresses through us, and it is because of this amnesia that we appear to be in darkness.

        All we need do, is remember and recognize that Light within each and every one of us. Like a candle, at first the circle of Light will appear to be small and limited. Soon, however, you will notice other “candles” in your vicinity, and the Light we cast together will be brighter and help our fellow Expressions to remember our common Source. When we join in Light, it is clear that we are, indeed, all One Light, even though it may appear to be coming from many different “candles.”

        I see that we’re reaching critical mass in this work, my friend. Within the seeming darkness and chaos, we are hearing voices of reason and dissent, reminding us that darkness, chaos, harm, evil, are unacceptable and intolerable.

        Keep shining your Light, Shakti. Other Lights are already coming to join you! I’m here, my friend! xoxoM

      2. Hi Margarita,

        You have truly brought in a wonderful perspective here.As we revel in the awareness that we are but a part of the universal light, we would, in that moment, move on a path that is universally moral and sustainable.

        My question thus is, “What responsibility each one us can take to hasten the process of reaching the critical mass?”

        Cheers and God Bless.


      3. We can only take responsibility for our individual, unique expression of universal Light. As we do so on an individual level, we are able to emit, share, transmit that Light in a more stable and continuous flow. It is that flow, which always emanates through us, that reminds, awakens, and attracts other Lights, not only to burn, but to burn more brightly, thus attracting more…that is how we reach critical mass. We are, in effect, a contagion.

        I feel we’ve already reached critical mass simply because more and more of us are questioning the “powers that be.” I feel we are now on the path to overwhelming mass! xoxoM

      4. Yes, Margarita, you are right.

        As Mahatma Gandhi had said, ” You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi brought in great clarity of what we should be doing with our lives and he amply demostrated this by his own actions. His “recipe” started with Change yourself first to Extreme self-control “Nobody can hurt me without my permission” to Let it go “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” to Be in the moment “Am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.” to Grow & Evolve.

        Thank you for triggering this line of thought as also for keeping faith and positivity.

        God Bless.


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