A Corporate Honcho and a New Zealander.

So what would you say is common between a New Zealander and a Corporate honcho?

It is rediscovering a good read!

Tilak Ghoshal is an erudite reader. An engineer by training, he was the Business Head with Unilevers and post-retirement, continues to be an advisor to many MNCs and Indian conglomerates.

Having engaged with the Chronicler and after reading the book, he has the following words to offer:

“History – replete with many lesser-known facts and events – is beautifully woven around delightfully moving stories. As I read through, I had to pause here and there, struck by the true import of the adage ‘truth is often stranger than fiction….. Any time is a good time for such a wonderful read – but more so in the joyless ‘dark age’ mankind now finds itself in….. Wish you many more successes in your future literary endeavours, Shakti!”

I feel truly acknowledged by these words.

While across the seas and at the other end of the world, Dipankar Goswami in Auckland New Zealand, looks forward to a tete a tete with the Chronicler. I am left wondering how that would be.

Adjudged Book of the month ( Mar’21), ‘The Chronicler of the Hooghly and other stories’ is impacting readers worldwide, as evidenced by Reviews on Amazon, GoodReads and Blogs.

Available on Amazon, Flipkart and select bookstores.


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Author: Shakti Ghosal

* A PCC Credentialed Executive Coach mentor and trainer for leaders & performance. * A qualified engineer and a PGDM (Faculty Gold medalist) from IIM Bangalore. * Four decades of industry experience spanning Engineering, Maintenance, Projects, Consumer durables, Supply Chains, Aviation and Tourism. * Top level management positions to drive business development, strategy, alliances all around the globe. * A visiting faculty at the IIMs. *A passion to envision trends & disseminate Leadership incubation globally. www.empathinko.in , * www.linkedin.com/in/Shaktighosal. shakti.ghosal@gmail.com . +91 - 9051787576

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