Entropy and the Age of Consciousness

All life revolves.  The world is awaiting a great awakening, which will occur with
the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  This great awakening will take place in the months and years to come and bring significant changes to our consciousness as human beings.

                                                                               The Age of Aquarius, Starts 21st Century

A couple of weeks back, I watched President Obama’s State of Union address. Erudite and all encompassing as always, the President stressed issues of China and outsourcing. But what I really heard from the most powerful man on the globe was insecurity and fear. Of the slipping away of competences and strengths and not knowing what to do. The other day as I watched the BBC debate at the World Economic forum in Davos, I once again sensed the underlying hesitation and concern.

The competence and knowledge advantage which the US and developed world enjoyed from the beginning of the industrial age is fast seeping away. Other nations and societies are catching up faster. And the genie of Globalisation is only accelerating this trend and making the world flatter (to use Thomas Friedman’s famous terminology).

So what are the reasons for such competence and knowledge loss? What can be done to stop the hemorrhaging of this life blood? My thoughts veer towards Entropy, a concept in the realms of Thermodynamics. Entropy is a tendency towards disorder and Science postulates that this can only increase over time. So any “order” peaks, be it in energy, competence or knowledge, can only dissipate, seep away. Ultimately leading to a steady state in which random and uniform soupiness exists all over, the highest level of Entropy.

I recall Isaac Asimov’s Last Question, a haunting science fiction tale of a future reality. Of a Universe slowing down and coming to an end due to Entropy. As the last of Mankind and the last VAC (a super computer) fail to answer that last question, “Can Entropy be reversed?” The story goes on to tell us that as Entropy rises to its final resting level, all individual knowledge coalesce and join into one universal consciousness.

I reflect on what we are experiencing in the world today. Is it the entropy effect on the competences and knowledge possessed by the developed world? Of the inevitable seeping loss to the rest of the world. What would the next turn of the screw bring? As we see Asia rising today, would we not see Africa rising tomorrow? And so on, till a flat world achieves steady state of uniform competence and knowledge levels all over.

But do we see what this seeped competence and knowledge is doing? It is raising the level of awareness all over. Awareness of social and political realities, awareness of heightened aspirations, awareness of the need to keep on improving and improvising. An awareness which is getting accentuated by rapidly evolving communication, networking and database access technologies. And with this heightened awareness has come the inevitability of consciousness.

So what do I envision going forward?

I see mankind fast reaching a new level of human consciousness. As more of us become consciousness- conscious, as our thinking DNAs get re-programmed, we would start seeing and dealing with the world in significantly different ways. Most of the challenges and conflicts of today’s world stem from our beliefs and fears residing in the depths of our sub-conscious. Be it through the manifestation of ego, false fronts or preconceived judgments. But as we gain in consciousness, we gain the intent to shine the spotlight on these hidden drivers of our thoughts and behaviour. And under the light, these beliefs and fears shrink away and lose the capacity to run our lives.

Can we visualise the exciting times we are getting into? As the world witnesses consciousness rising like a tide all over with knowledge flows and heightened awareness. As the human brain starts utilising more of its unconscious capacity. As our new consciousness allows us to “see” our path towards enlightenment. As we herald the dawn of a new age, an Age of Consciousness.

Will this Age of Consciousness be the ultimate evolutionary goal of Mankind?

We are beginning to understand that what exists at the essential core of matter is information and energy. I hope and believe that the Information Age is going to be the stepping-off point for the Age of Consciousness  

                                            Dr. Deepak Chopra- spiritual writer & speaker, 2007



I am left wondering about what could make the big picture happen and expedite the dawn of ‘The Age of Consciousness’.

• What is that critical mass of knowledge flow and dissemination which would lead to heightened awareness of the big picture?
• What could each one of us do to reach that level?

In Learning……..                                                                                       Shakti Ghosal


1) The World Is flat: A brief history of the twenty first century by Thomas L. Friedman, 2005.

2)      The Last Question by Isaac Asimov, 1956

Author: Shakti Ghosal

* A PCC Credentialed Leadership Coach. * A qualified engineer and a PGDM (Faculty Gold medalist) from IIM Bangalore. * More than three decades of industry experience spanning Engineering, Maintenance, Projects, Consumer durables, Supply Chains, Aviation and Tourism in the Gulf region and India. * Top level management positions to drive business development, strategy, alliances all around the globe. * A visiting faculty at the IIMs. *A passion to envision trends & disseminate Leadership incubation globally. * www.linkedin.com/in/Shaktighosal. shakti.ghosal@gmail.com . +91 - 9051787576

47 thoughts on “Entropy and the Age of Consciousness”

  1. Hi Shakti,

    You brought up an interesting point on my post, “Everything is a State of Consciousness”, that becoming conscious happens in different ways for different people. We all hear these whispers that guide us to opening up to ourselves, yes? Whether we are yogis on mountaintops, or gas station attendants or polished professional lawyers, the spiritual world has a way of bringing certain people to awareness of its mysteries in funny ways. So many different possibilities.

    The concept of entropy in your article here is interesting too. Could it be that the world we are living in now is desperately trying to resist entropy by maintaining order. When you break it down, the government and economy is designed to maintain control over the flow of resources. Yet is it inevitable over many cycles of control and anarchy that the entropy you speak of will come into existence? I’m not certain yet how this idea of entropy relates to consciousness, but that could be something to meditate on.

    Thanks for sharing. My post is here, if anyone else wants to read it:

    1. Hi,

      I used the concept of Entropy to support my visualisation of a rising Consciousness and the seepage of that all around to enhance and extend overall consciousness in the world.

      To answer your other question, Entropy is but a universal occurrence of energy dissipating into a uniform mass without any peaks anywhere. But that does not imply it is right way to go in a normative sense ( What it should be).To take the example of life itself, it exists because it is contra-entropy. Similarly no machines would work in an uniform entropy state. So of course, to maintain the world and our civilisation at the stage we have evolved to, all our social, political, economic, technology structures need to fight entropy and in the process create higher and higher peaks of performance.What you speak of the Governments doing is to achieve this.

      I do hope I have been able to clarify. Thank you for your visit and comment, I truly appreciate.



  2. I have been fascinated by entropy for a very long. Thank you so much for sharing this … So much to think about. I’ll return to re-read and look forward to reading more of your posts. 😀

  3. First let me say how very much I enjoyed this post along with the replies and your comments.
    And second seeing a quote from Deepak Chopra made me smile, for I have many of his books and relate to his philosophy of life and the Universe.
    Consciousness I believe is something we are all tied into, for its a Universal Law, We are in effect made up of energy, and as energy beings we resonate within a frequency. Our very thoughts are tied within that frequency and as such affect our reality. ‘What we Think! We create’ Anyone with any doubts upon that should just look around themselves and name one thing within the room they sit that wasn’t at one time someone’s thought!
    Everything is connected.. Our Thoughts! Our Actions, Even our Earth Mother has a heart beat a pulse which in turn is affected by Consciousness.. The Universe is much more than Planets. And the space between our living cells like the space between planets also is this living energy ..
    There is too much within my mind, that I could not t be able to speak it as well as you have done, But within my being is a ‘Knowing’ something Words cannot describe, and words would not be enough to describe this Consciousness, this Connection of Sacred Geometry and the invisible worlds of differing Dimensions.. All are connected.. Even though we do not physically see or understand..
    Our Human Species is evolving as is the Earth, nothing is static, all is in constant motion and as we Change we go through various stages …We have now come to the end of Male energy and are entering the female energy.. where love and compassion are needed, from the dominance of warlike energy of taking Power and Control
    This last 100 yrs have brought about the age of technology at great speed.. Time also is speeding up as our perceptions alter, and the planets align as their own energies. As our Vibrations alter and so everything seems to speed up.. as the Earth slows down.. in her magnetic cycles of poles. We are within this perpetual motion of Peaks and Trough, which you have called Entropy here within this enlightening Post.. And the Earth has gone through this Many times before..
    There is really nothing more I can add, but to say we have all of us agreed to be here at this time of Earth Changes and each and every one of us, whether they are aware of it or not.. Are playing their parts in that change as we are getting ready for that next stage of our Evolutionary Path. Many thanks for pointing me to this post..
    Peace to you Shakti ~ Sue Dreamwalker

    1. Hi Sue,

      It is such a delight to read your deeply thought out comments on the aspect of our consciousness. Your argument of how everything is connected does resonate and my thoughts go to James Cameron’s Avatar and his lovely world of Pandora.Have we been keeping our senses closed to such universal coonectivity on our own planet? And is this the cause for much of our current problems?

      So as we move fron the Age of Technology to the Age of Consciousness and, as you say, time speeds, perceptions alter, how do we plan to cope? That I guess would be the challenge of our times….

      God bless you.


      1. Many things will appear as if they are going chaotic.. as we see perceptions alter and systems break down..
        Much like we are seeing various nations become unstable within their striving for changes.. As is mirrored again within the material world as we are now seeing our Economies alter, monetary systems collapse and so on… Change is happening… So too is our Planet Changing.. Many more Earthquakes and Volcanoes now erupting again another Mirror!.. We will be confronted with Change maybe not all will happen ALL at once.. But the Technology will not be any match against Natures own energy and changes.. This is why we need to embrace Love and Compassion and let go of Fear..
        Mankind thinks he is invincible.. Man has much to learn when it comes to understanding how our Consciousness works.. ALL things have order.. even though it may appear to us.. Chaotic..

  4. I think it’s a shame that America is so nervous about “losing” its status as superpower. In my mind, its soft power is something that can never be challenged. We should be taking notes from other countries that are up and coming (e.g. China) instead of finding ways to downplay their achievements. Great read.

  5. Heaps interesting, very very engaging. Even the comments were interesting! You’ve got a valuable site here – very searching. Like Tom said, you’re intelligent & learned. That makes this read, to the average person like me, so interesting. Cheers.

  6. I agree there’s a lot of pain in the world, and also small pockets of mercy. I think entropy was dreamed up and proven to be true by those who had not experienced a Beyond. They are chained to their calculations, just as the many are chained by the few.

    Sensory deprivation can be used for evil, and for good. To torture, or as an aid in the surpassing of one’s boundaries. Two-edged sword: that’s this world and our view of the universe. Who says we, humans, have all, if ANY, of the answers!!!???

    1. Hi,

      I am intrigued by your comments. To me entropy is a scientific concept as fundamental as the arrow of time. So I really cannot agree with you when you say, it was “dreamed up”. When you speak of experiencing beyond, I presume you are referring to what some visionaries have achieved. If they use this enhanced consciousness to inspire the
      “many”, how can we see this as chaining others?

      My contention in the post was that with enhanced consciousness, humans respond in a different way. I agree with you when you say that as humans, we can never presume to have all the answers. People who carry this mindset are doomsayers and I had written about this in an earlier post, ” 21st December, 2012″. You amy like to browse that too.

      I truly appreciate your coming here for this discussion.



  7. Shakti, thank you for visiting my blog. I must admit that most of your blog posts are way over my head. I feel like I need to go back to school and learn some more before coming by here! Take care and have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Tom,

      The fact that you have not been able to make sense of my post, is my loss. I would be keen to be guided in terms of what I might do to make it more readable for folks. Thanks for your visit though. Incidentally I stay in that part of the world where my week begins from day after!



      1. No, I wasn’t saying I could not make sense of them, I was merely saying how intelligent you are. Maybe I should not try to be funny! Don’t change a thing about your blog.

  8. I like your take on this, especially after reading the last post. Relating anarchy to entropy and to the beginning of the Age of Consciousness; I would call it foolish optimism, if it was not so brilliant. Always searching for logic, for reason; I don’t call myself an optimist. But I sense an undeniable strong logic in what you say in this post and I am drawn to believe in it.
    Thank you for sharing your vision and thank you truly for pointing me here.

  9. this is interesting my friend, I love the vision and path u showed here in this post, but sometimes the fast facing progress in all aspect scares me, but to know entirely what are all things we are capable of is truly looking forward, as long as for the better of this mankind…

  10. An engaging post. I don’t pretend to know much about the laws of physics, entropy or the teachings of Einstein, etc. What I DO know is that as long as people continue to believe in the power of love, that we place our hope in men such as President Obama (an Arthur if there ever was one for our times), who, with all his human-ness, his ability to appear humble and worried and fraught with concern for the state our world is in, then, perhaps peace does have a chance and entropy can be held at bay. At least, for the time being.

    1. Hi,
      You are so right and inspirational. In our quest to make sense of it all, It;s ironic that we sometimes overlook the simple aspects in our lives. Thank you for your visit and comments.

  11. Dear Shakti,
    One can only wholeheartedly endorse the first part of your musings. Of late, the world has been caught in the maelstrom of an exponentially accelerating pace of change which has been so rapid and disorienting that it has clearly outstripped mankind’s capacity to cope. Established shibboleths and power equations are constantly tumbling, and in the course of a single lifespan, one can see the old economic and social order being roiled as never before. Everyone – countries, governments, politicians, corporates, communities – is struggling to somehow maintain equilibrium, and to keep pace with ever-changing newly-emerging realities.

    On one plane, therefore, large sections of society are confronted with the new mores colliding with ancient wisdom and cultural signposts that were handed down since the ages and which signalled order and continuity. Old value systems are being rejected by the emerging younger generations. There are growing manifestations of anomie and angst that threaten to cause strife and social disorder. Established political systems are failing to cope with new socio-economic trends and realities, and Obama’s speech that you referred to was but one manifestation of this.

    When it comes to the question of the connect between entropy and consciousness, however, I am not in complete agreement. I can do no better than to quote from “The Evolving Self” by the completely unpronounceable Mihalyi Cziksentmihalyi:

    “The normal condition of the mind is chaos. Only when involved in a goal-directed activity does it acquire order and positive moods. It is not surprising that one of the worst forms of punishment is to place a person in solitary confinement, where only those survive who can discipline their attention without depending on external props. The rest of us need either an involving activity or a ready-made package of stimuli, such as a book or a TV program, to keep the mind from unravelling.”

    It is therefore more likely that we will witness divergent trends in the evolution of thought and knowledge. Perhaps the majority are progressing towards increasing preoccupation with the mind-deadeningly trite and the inane, on the one hand, while a small percentage of thinkers, philosophers, scientists, and intellectuals will unrelentingly focus on further building on the edifice of the ever-expanding storehouse of human knowledge.

    Permit me to digress a little. It is possibly a truism that engineers, scientists, and others of that ilk are most at ease in their respective comfort zones while dealing with deterministic certitudes. Consequently, there is always an ongoing endeavour to reduce even inherently non-deterministic concepts to mathematically definable probabilistic ones.

    The evolution of scientific thought has witnessed many inflection points. In the age of Newtonian physics, the order of nature appeared simple and relatively uncomplicated. Most observable phenomena could be easily explained in terms of a few clear-cut laws which appeared to be supported by the results obtained through observation and scientific experimentation. As we progressed along the path of knowing more and more about less and less, the neat and well ordered universe of Newtonian physics appeared to morph into a much more complex construct. For a while, Einstein’s theories of relativity appeared to be that moment of epiphany which, for a while at least, could explain practically all of the observable phenomena.

    As man’s never-ending quest for knowledge led to increasingly sophisticated and accurate visualisations and measurements both of outer space – the macro view of the universe – and of inner space – the realm of the nano-world of the submicroscopic – we are increasingly bumping against the boundaries of what can be explainable in terms of observable phenomena which can be verified experimentally. An interesting fall-out of this is the convergence between physics and metaphysics, most notably in fields like particle physics where some of the postulates almost border on the supra-natural – so far removed are they from the directly observable and experimentally verifiable.

    Let me quote Sir James Jeans, a famous British Astronomer:

    “To-day there is a wide measure of agreement, which on the physical side of science approaches almost to unanimity, that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears as an accidental intruder into the realm of matter; we are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter – not of course our individual minds, but the mind in which the atoms out of which our individual minds have grown exist as thoughts.”

    Finally, in the context of Isaac Asimov’s point on entropy, let us reflect on what Lincoln Barnett wrote in his book “The Universe and Dr Einstein”:

    “Although it is true that the amount of matter in the universe is perpetually changing, the change appears to be mainly in one direction—toward dissolution . The sun is slowly but surely burning out, the stars are dying embers, and everywhere the cosmos heart is turning to cold; matter is dissolving into radiation, and energy is being dissipated into empty space.

    “The universe is thus progressing toward an ultimate ‘heat death’ or, as it is technically defined, a condition of ‘maximum entropy’ . . And there is no way of avoiding this destiny. For the fateful principle known as the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which stands today as the principal pillar of classical physics left intact by the march of science, proclaims that the fundamental processes of nature are irreversible. Nature moves only one way.”

    So, whither is the human race headed? On the physical plane, we are likely to increasingly encounter and bump against the capacity of our infinitesimal slice of the universe to sustain us.

    At the same time, since man’s thirst for knowledge will remain unquenchable, we will no doubt keep trundling towards the ever receding horizons of human knowledge. We are witnessing a growing convergence between hitherto two completely disparate strains of the evolution of thought, namely scientific thought on the one hand which is searching for the holy Grail of the one overarching theory which can explain everything, and on the other hand the spiritual search for the ultimate truth – the Ekam Sat.

    Will the twain ever meet?


    Viney Sahgal ’58
    ( Lounge session group)

    1. Dear Sir,
      Once again, thank you for your very considered comments on my recent post.

      My post strives to link today’s accelerated pace of changes with spread of competence/ knowledge. I have seen this as a rise of ‘competence” entropy ( just happened to borrow the term!) But the point I have tried to make is that the accelerated catch-up and levelling that is happening all over and so visible in the frenetic pace and breakdown of old customs and norms are but symptoms of this deeper cause. And this is leading us to a shift in the way we are, the way we have been since the Agri and the industrial revolutions and the way we would be looking at things going forward.This is of course just a perspective based on an interpretation of trend lines and similarly there could be many more conclusions.

      Whenever a major change is taking place, there is always disruption and a manifestation of discontinuity. In the past these manifestations were predominantly in the physical realm be it change in lifestyle from wanderers to settlers ( Agricultural revolution) or a change in society, work structure ( Industrial revolution). I believe the coming manifestation would be a change in our thought structure. I further believe that most of the disruptive symptoms we are seeing in the world today is due to a disconnect between the individual’s thinking and priorities( still stuck in the industrial age mould) and the requirement of a connected and networked world.

      Thank you also for the beautiful quotes.

      As always, I am taking the liberty of copying your reply on my blog site for folks outside this forum.

      Warm Regards

      Shakti Ghosal ’74

  12. Since I started engaging fully in the Blogoshere, I can clearly see that the networks between consciousness-conscious people are expanding and strengthening, as we each speak the truth in our separate ways. After so many years of being laughed at or indulged for my ‘hippie’ beliefs, it’s wonderful to read evidence that the tide is definitely turning!

    1. Hi,

      Great to see your comment. Yes, it remains my belief that the tide is turning and we are living in glorious times, aren’t we? And your so right, we each live by our own truths and these may be different but that’s okay.We need to retain our conviction and continue to do our bit!

      Cheers and God bless.


  13. Thanks for sharing this insight with us. There is so much truth in it. I am looking to meeting more consciousness conscious people in the not too distant future. Great post Shakti. !!!

    1. Thank you Michael for all your encouragement. When you say, you are looking forward to meeting more consciousness conscious people in the not too distant future, I am intrigued. How do you propose to go about doing this?Why I ask this is because I would like to do the same! Cheers Shakti

  14. “Making the world flatter,” yes! Leveling the playing field, and it’s about time. The downside is of course the environment – America has been a poor teacher from the standpoint of the Industrial Revolution – reliance on fossil fuels leading to global warming, etc. Now advancing nations are taking a page from our book, and it’s scary to see how easily the byproducts of that enhanced civilization get dumped in oceans, rivers, streets. The air. So we all need to be vigilant, America especially – to make right the consumer-driven model it has perpetrated upon the world, as much as possible. Be a leader in alternative energy and conservation, as much as possible Now.

    It’s interesting that I think this healing of the planet is what is bringing us together and elevating our consciousness. Mother Nature is a great teacher.

    I’m also a fan of Asimov. And have you ever read CS Lewis’ “Space Trilogy?” Also one of the best (yet least known) books EVER in my opinion is “Technology as Symptom and Dream” by Robert Romanyshyn. I interviewed him twice during my days in radio, so if listening is easier, here’s the link to one I posted online: http://belajohnson.podbean.com/2012/02/16/robert-romanyshyn-technology-as-symptom-and-dream/

    Anyhow, enjoyed this post very much. Thanks for giving me heads-up on it!

    1. Hi Bela,

      What a lovely and incisive perspective. The fact that industrialisation led to environmental degradation ( unintended though!)was again due to a low level of consciousness.And it is scary indeed to think of what happens when 2.7 billion folks ( Population of China and India) come onto the playing field to play the west propagated consumer game. But as nations,can we do anything about this? I doubt it. As Mahatma Gandhi had said, ” The world has enough for our needs but not enough for our greed..” As individuals we have become conditioned to a capitalistic mindset of individual self aggrandisement totally divorced from environmental consequences. But I believe the way forward would also come from the individual level. And is this not the very reason why you and I, having become conscious, are discussing this here?

      Awhile back, as the planet’s population went past the seven billion mark, I had posted a blog , ” We need a second planet by 2030″ and I share the link here.


      Enough food for thought and enough reason for action by each one of us in our own way!

      Yes, I had been a huge Sci-fi fan in my younger days. Asimov was a favourite and yes, I have read C.S. Lewis though can’t recall whether I read the Space Triology. And I am looking forward to listen to your radio interview and shall try and look up the book also.

      Cheers and God bless.

      Shakti Ghosal

      1. Aloha once again! I left a comment on the post you recommended – excellent, by the way – and yes, I agree that lack of consciousness created the imbalances we see before us today: overpopulation, pollution and such. And that higher consciousness – or broader consciousness, deeper – is what’s going to solve the issues before us. No question. And yes, it’s why we are talking here – so happy others share viewpoints I’ve held now for many years – ‘so’ many others – it gives a person hope, does it not?

    2. Hi Bela,

      One other thing. I visited your podcast site twice but failed to listen to the Robert Romanshyn interview. I tried on the link directly as also through the MP3 player on the site. But nothing seems to be working. Am I doing something wrong? Please advise.



      1. I did try it and it works just fine – QuickTime pops up and plays away. This by clicking the Play button on the interview. Hmmm … are you trying to use an iPhone for example? I wonder if that might be it – I’m using my computer. Still, I wish you could hear it 😦

  15. beautifully expressed. I wandered here from SoulDipper’s blog. This is such a wondrous time to be here. I sense and I believe that we are moving towards the age of consciousness and what could be more exciting, truly.
    walk in beauty.

  16. I believe a transformation unlike others known to mankind is looming. If awareness & identity of the handful of people who are the destructive force, the true controllers of the planet, can be brought to the fore with polished presentation, supportive data, and authenticity, the transformation will be quickened beyond belief. People are diligently working to do just that.

    We need faith – a promise of goodness – and I am relieved whenever I find people such as Shakti who will take the time to share the road toward optimism and hope.

    Shakti, please look at my post for *today* (15th) – there’s a simple, but genuinely felt gift waiting for you.

    1. Hi Soulddipper,

      Do you know what I sense? The fact that we have got together here and are, together, sensing the transformation, itself will accelerate the process. Thank you for your kind comments and I will most certainly visit your post.



  17. Beautifully stated Skakti….I could not ageee more with you. It is both fascinating and invigorating to watch this process unfold as if watching a flower unfold. Part of the reason I began my blog was to be able to record this process step by step how things happen. I feel extremely blessed to be here at this time. Thank you for this marvelous look into what is taking place…Blessings…VK 🙂

    1. Hi VK,

      I could not but agree with your thoughts completely! We are indeed blessed to be here and now. And we, each one of us, can empower ourselves to play a role.

      Thank you for your presence here.

      God bless.


  18. Historically, large numbers of people have been exploited and a small number have thrived, usually at their expense or oblivious to the under-privileged. I don’t see that being reversed anytime soon. It is a slow process, the positive transformation, and it may take a few thousand years or more at its current pace.

    1. Have faith Rajendra….Once mass consciousness tips the scales and begins to shift, the whole process speeds up and is happening at this very moment. What you see in the world today will be very different than what you see at years end……VK

    2. Rajendra,

      Thank you for your comments. I do not proffess to know the future but I do like to play the role of a visionary and “make sense of it all”. As I travel and meet folks in different places,I do sense a transformation and the rise in consciousness. But this planet of ours is a large place and, as you say, transformation can be a slow one at times. But what I believe is we are reaching some kind of a tipping point beyond which the pace would accelerate. I also believe that some of the changes in our environment ( Physical, social, economic) would also support the change.

      A case in point. I can clearly see the change in awareness,attitude and priorities amongst many in the younger generation. As a Professor and teacher, you do interface with this generation on a much wider scale. What do you see and sense? I would be keen to know.



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